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The After Burner Radio IS Rocks Home On The Web

But before that there was a kick-ass radio station, the Burner. It ROCKED!  They played whatever they wanted and censored nothing. Although the ratings were the highest in the area and the fans were fiercely loyal, the station was sold. 

It was a very dark day for radio. Many dark years passed until ... the rebirth. With program director and morning personality Cindy West and on-air personality Tommy Lane, the Burner returns in a new way with a new name. It is now easily accessible via the internet to stream anywhere in the country. It has familiar music and new music too. It’s The After Burner!

The After Burner is on the air 24 hours. Tune in to the morning show with Cindy West every weekday 6 a.m - 11 a.m.

Welcome back, Rock. Welcome back.



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